Chinese-Developed Nuclear-Powered Battery Offers 50-Year Charge-Free Lifespan

Chinese-Developed Nuclear-Powered Battery Promises 50-Year Lifespan Without Recharging Scientists in China have engineered the BV100, a compact nuclear ...

Stay logged in to two WhatsApp accounts at once

WhatsApp Adds Long-Awaited Dual Accounts, Say Goodbye to Constant Logins Use two accounts on the same phone Now you can switch between two WhatsApp ...

Google will delete millions of inactive Gmail and YouTube accounts from December, 2023

Google announced on May 16, 2023 that it will begin deleting inactive Gmail and YouTube accounts in December 2023. The company said that the move is necessary ...

Messaging Yourself on WhatsApp

Texting oneself on a messaging platform is arguably one of the most convenient ways to jot down ideas before we forget them or save web URLs you wish to ...

Including the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the Google Pixel Watch

As the Pixel portfolio expands the phone is at the center of it all. The new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro take all the helpfulness and personal intelligence people ...

How Many Members Can You Add to Your WhatsApp Group?

You can add members to your WhatsApp group as many times as you need. However, the question arises how many members you can add to your WhatsApp group? ...

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